As you will be aware, the Sam L. Morse Company has ceased manufacture. It was the Company that funded the owners pages, the Database, Forum and Gallery.
Unfortunately these elements are expensive to maintain, in terms of secure hosting and daily labor.
Very many users of the site have expressed their concern at the possibility of losing these pages, and we, Coledata, Inc., have promised to try to keep this communication medium alive. It is considered that without the manufacturer to fall back on, the pages will gain in value as time passes.
The ability to exchange information on parts sourcing and pricing will become very important to owners of the wonderful classic boats.
The estimated annual costs for hosting and maintaining this website are approximately $700 per annum, and many members have expressed an interest in donating to keep these pages alive and free from advertising.
If you are interested in making a donation to the maintenance of the site, please click on the PayPal link, which will allow you to make a donation.
Thank you for you patronage.
You can see a list of donations here

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